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Volunteer work project

General information

Voluntary work at the Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park is a project, whose aim is to offer people a unique life and work experience in an intact natural environment. This will give people the chance to reflect and become aware of those individual and social behaviours that place man in the right place within nature. The Park has always promoted volunteer work, welcoming hundreds of participants every year: students, workers, employees, researchers, teachers, freelance professionals, retirees who, spontaneously and non-profit, collaborate in different ways to the Park's numerous and diverse activities. According to the needs, volunteers take part in checks and monitoring, environmental education, work with the general public, photo or TV reportages, cultural promotion, trail and structure maintenance, assistance to visitors and cleaning, always coordinated and under the supervision of the Park personnel. Volunteers arrive individually, in small groups or in larger and organized groups, and every year they are more numerous, more specialized and stronger in their motivation.

Anyone, who can self-sufficiently and serenely spend a period of time on the mountains, can take part in one of the programmes of Progetto Volontariato. The Park Authority provides volunteers with a badge and simple equipment to carry out the foreseen activities. Volunteers will spend some days in one of the Park structures, together with other motivated people who are willing to protect plant and animals. They will collaborate with operators, researchers and technicians in diverse activities, on a needs basis: prevention, monitoring, education, maintenance, assistance, trail marking. Participation in programmes is possible all year round, following a given calendar or by previous arrangements with volunteers/associations.

Progetto Volontariato includes different programmes:
  • Junior: for people between 18 and 40 years, taking part in a volunteer programme for the first time
  • Senior: for people over 40, taking part in a volunteer programme for the first time
  • International volunteers: for adults coming from abroad
  • Experienced volunteers: for those who already took part in Junior, Senior or International programmes and wish to repeat the experience
  • Family: for family units
  • Schools and voluntary work: a special programme for primary and secondary schools as well as universities
  • Nature camps: for volunteer associations, scout groups, etc.
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(photo by: Valentino Mastrella, Archivio PNALM)
(photo by: Valentino Mastrella, Archivio PNALM)
(photo by: Valentino Mastrella, Archivio PNALM)
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