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International Volunteers

Volunteers for Nature Project

General Information

Few people know about the Nature Volunteers Program.

Those who take part in it are mainly women and young people who silently and modestly take up the banner of environmental and social care which is needed every day to protect Nature, and they do it with incredible efficiency and dedication.

These people undertake a whole range of activities:

  • protecting flora, fauna and habitats that are at risk;
  • promoting the recovery of rubbish;
  •  promoting the Park activities in education, information and creating awareness;
  • defending the Park against wood fires;
  • defending it against pollution;
  • maintaining biodiversity and involving others in Nature conservation.

The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, since it began its recovery back in 1970, has always considered volunteers as being an important aspect.

Each year hundreds of young and adult people, students, environmentalists, researchers and teachers cooperate, by freely offering their time, to help the many activities the Park that volunteers promote.

These cover aspects like collecting rubbish, helping the public in the Visit Centres, marking the pathways, controlling the Park lands, creating awareness among visitors, mountain rescue, cultural activities, maintaining simple open-air structures.

Individually and in small groups, in organized committees, the Park Volunteers grow in number each year and become more specialized and devoted to the activities they carry out.

The Volunteers organized in special patrols, take part in the programme "Volunteers for Nature" while maintaining a surveillance over the Park lands help to educate and raise awareness about the problems the Park faces.

Without Volunteers life in the Park would be less funny and poorer.

Equipment Required

Rucksack Wool Beret (if possible green)
Sleeping bag and pillowcase Cotton Beret (if possible green)
Binoculars (not obligatory) Sewing kit
Camera (not obligatory) Personal first aid kit
Drinking Canister Notepad
Torch, spare batteries and bulbs Pen, pencil and rubber
Napkin Towels
Warm wind-cheater (if possible green) Clothing and underclothing
Light raincoat or waterproof cloak Shirt with pockets, beige or green
Walking Boots Cotton tee-shirts (green) in summer months
Hiking shoes Cotton handkerchiefs

How to be a Nature Volunteers ?

If you wish to participate to the Volunteers for Nature project you should apply by sending the appropriate form to: Education and Voluntary Office.

Tel +39 0864-89102 Fax +39 0864-89132
Web www.parcoabruzzo.it
Email centroservizi.villetta@parcoabruzzo.it  (subject: volunteer programme).

If you are accepted, you have to pay the amount of Euro 80,00 for 7 days - Euro 100,00 for 9 days, and will be given information and directions to where to go

International Volunteers

The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park promotes this initiative to offer people of all ages who deeply care about the environment, a unique opportunity to work and live in contact with Nature.

The volunteers spend a period from 7 to 9 days together with other motivated people in an outpost of the Park, working with Park operators, technicians in their various activities of prevention, control, education, assistance and maintenance.

To participate they must be over 18 years old and have some previous work experience in a natural environment and be able to live comfortably for a period in a mountain area, quietly and self- sufficiently in conditions that are sometimes difficult.

This experience can be done throughout the year according to a calendar.

The Volunteer's Rulebook

  1. The Park Volunteers should be first of all an example of behaviour to visitors, scrupulously respecting the By-Laws of the Park.
  2. Volunteers do not take personal initiatives different from those programmed by the Park Authority.
  3. It is absolutely prohibited to bring relatives, friends and domestic animals to accompany the Volunteer.
  4. The programmes that the Park Authority lays down must be scrupulously followed respecting instructions and times.
  5. The Volunteers have to ensure their presence and their service to the Park Authority for the agreed period.
  6. While in service it is prohibited to smoke.
  7. The Park Authority will supply the Volunteer with material to use in his role there, and it must be returned at the end of the stay in perfect condition.
  8. Any damages that are carried out to the Park property will be charged to those responsible.
  9. Two or three Volunteers make up a Park patrol; all the patrol groups appoint one volunteer who is responsible to keep the money needed to buy food for the group.
  10. The Volunteer undertakes to scrupulously respect his personal hygiene as well as that of the buildings and areas he works in for the Park Authority.
  11. The Volunteer undertakes to behave in a polite and clear way with his colleagues and with the public.
  12. The uniform and badge worn by each Volunteer should be kept clean and ordered and the badge clearly visible.
  13. The Park Authority does not assume responsibility for damages or accidents caused by Volunteers
  14. The Volunteer must pay an entrance-fee once arrived in Italy .
  15. The entrance-fee will not be reimbursed should the Volunteer decide to give up the period of service.
  16.  The Volunteers, upon arrival to the Park, will obligatorily have to deposit 5,00 euros a day in a common cash account as an initial fund for the purchase of food. The Group of Volunteers will appoint a responsible cashier for the fund and for the management of the expenses. The cashier's duties will include: compiling a list of who has deposited to the account; sharing the rules with the other volunteers to adopt good management of the common cash; preserving the receipts to justify the sustained expenses; respecting the demands and the alimentary tastes of everybody; making any refunds to any volunteers that decide to anticipate their departure.
  17. Should the Volunteer behave in a way which the Park Authority considers disrespectful of the Park by-laws, the Authority holds the right to immediately suspend or expel the volunteer from the service.

PDF 2017 General Information

PDF Scheda International Volunteers

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